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The progressive editorial cartoon about evangelical suckers.

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The Gift of Grift

Wait wait wait wait wait!

During last February's polar event Texas almost lost its entire electrical grid.... and our two Senators, Cornyn and Cruz, voted AGAINST the new infrastructure bill?

See you at the polls, assholes.


Millionaires and billionaires don't wait in 7-hour lines to vote.

They go right to the source to choose their representative, with sacks of bribes, I mean, campaign funds, in hand.


In case you're wondering, one of the highlights of my day is listening to the Randi Rhodes show from 2PM-4PM, CST. Smartest dang women I ever heard.

During the breaks between each segment she runs a series of editorial cartoons as bumpers on her Youtube feed and this week one of them happens to be one of mine.

It was a sincere honor to be chosen and shared.


I have a neighbor who is ludicrously low-information. I don't know exactly where he gets all of his disinformation but he always falls for any hateful thing the Republicans dream up (See: WMDs). And then it all goes "Ker-Boom!" and he conveniently forgets about it.

Yesterday I'm tending my lawn and he walks over and says "Hey. How about all them immigrants?"

I asked him what he meant and he began parroting the latest Newsmax talking point that that dang old covid and what the Hell's Biden doing about it?

(A slight digression. He is not vaccinated nor will he ever be. I should have asked him why he's afraid of infected Mexicans spreading covid if it's such a hoax that he doesn't feel the need for the vaccine.)

I asked him if he knew why all these immigrants were coming to this country and he gave me the look a dog does when you show it a magic trick.

I was about to launch into the story about the 1950s and Central America and the United Fruit Company and unions and commies and Eisenhower with pictures and circles and arrows on the back of each one but I made the mistake of first mentioning Ronald Reagan's escapades down south with his Contra pals, at which point he literally ran across the street yelling "Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!"

I like to think I have that same effect with my cartoons.


Sharks can shed up to 50,000 teeth in a lifetime, which explains why sharks never have any money.

Fuckin' Tooth Fairy.


end rant

News & Notes for August 11th, 2021

Senate passes $3.5 trillion dollar budget resolution without a single GOP vote.

Dominion files defamation lawsuits agaisnt Newsmax and OANN.

Judge orders Trump to hand over tax records to House.

Youtube suspends Rand Paul for being a lying jerkwad about mask safety.

Schwarzenegger to anti-maskers: "Screw your freedom!"

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In 2000 the Church of Jesus Christ said the Rapture was coming, so I gave away all my money.
In 2012 Jack van Impe predicted the Rapture was coming soon, so I gave away all my money again.
In 2015 Mark Blitz said the Rapture would occur that September so, yes, they fooled me again, but that's the last time those crooks get my money.
Because now I give it all to Trump. Trump 2024
The progressive editorial cartoon about evangelical trump voters.

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