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The progressive editorial cartoon about the worms who'll get fat on the bodies of anti-vaxxers.

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Can of Worms

A year ago we were all begging for a vaccine, knowing that it would stop this pandemic.

Little did we know that too many Americans were afflicted with a terminal, incurable disease called "trumpism" which made them immune to common sense or shame.


If you're unvaccinated and you get
so sick with covid that you have to go to the hospital don't expect the nurses to look upon you kindly. From what I'm hearing, they're sick of you and your stupid freedumbs.

Get the fucking vaccine!


Do you know which American city has one of the highest vaccination rates?

El Paso. (57% fully, 67% at least one dose.)

Right on the border.

With all those diseased Mexicans.

STFU, Republicans.


Like so many others I watched with grim perplexity as the Trump administration completely mishandled the arrival of Covid-19 to our shores.

I'm now watching, with rising gorge, as Republican governors of major states seem to doing all that is within their power to incubate and mutate the virus within their populations, actively prolonging the pandemic. This is driving our medical system to the brink of exhaustion and failure which ensures even more people will die, whether infected with Covid-19 or not.

If the Republican Party isn't actively TRYING to kill millions of Americans I can't imagine what their goal is unless it's to add another demographic check-box to the list of single-issues that will drive its white, dumb-ass adherents to the polls.

Anti-abortion: Check
Second Amendment: Check
Racial Intolerance: Check
Misogyny: Check
The One True God: Check
Anti-vaccination: Check

(What a delightful picture this list paints of Conservative voters as a whole. Armed, racist, diseased, ignorant and still clinging to Bronze Age myths.)

While within the Republican Party leadership there exists only two actual check boxes:

Greed: Check
Power: Check

The Republican Party has become the party of death and suffering unless you're the richest few and they've somehow made their voters believe the problem is not their leaders but empirical evidence itself.

The Democratic Party isn't perfect but at least they know how to use a fucking mask.


There's "stupid" and then there's "actually believed that Trump would be reinstated today" stupid.


end rant

News & Notes for August 13th, 2021

Asshole Report: Marjorie Taylor Green looks at packed hospitals and says "We can't live forever."

Genocide Report: Texas and Florida account for 40% of new covid hospitalizations.

Happiness Report: Child Tax Credit lowers hunger in America.

Schadenfreude Report: Thousands of images related to Matt Gaetz child-sex case handed over to the feds.

Yippee Report: Census reveals the Republican base, white people, is shrinking.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the worms who'll get fat on the bodies of anti-vaxxers.

the mask debate comic trump rapture comic