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I'm really hoping that, once Hillary wins the election, she names Michelle Obama as her Secretary of State, just to make Republican heads explode. Then, in 2024, we can have GOP Vesuvius Mk. II when Michelle makes a run for the White House. That would be most awesome.

That means we'd go from a black male, to a white female, to a black female president. All Democratic, of course. On the other hand, the GOP has gone from a president who needed someone to speak for him (Dubya) to a candidate who only conversed with the top 1% (Mitt) to a potential president who won't listen to anyone. I guess the GOP candidate in 2020 would have to be some sort of mole person who emerges from deep underground on Election Day to tell voters to get off his lawn.


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Donald Trump drives an old bandwagon labeled "Professor Trump Wall Constructor Extraordinare". It is pulled by six men in klan robes lured bya small negro figure, his head in a noose, dangled in front of them like a carrot. In the background a city burns. One wheel of the wagon has come loose.

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