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Rant to Come

You're sitting in a car with your boyfriend, one that has just been stopped by the police for some minor technical issue, when the officer suddenly opens fire and pumps four bullets into your boyfriend as he reaches for his license, killing him almost instantly.

Most people would totally freak the fuck out after something like this, screaming in mortal terror at the horrible event which has just occurred. But not Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Philando Castile, the driver who was recently killed in exactly this fashion. Ms. Reynolds was cool and calm and kept her camera rolling during the event, and for as long afterwards as the police would allow. How could she possibly be so composed and controlled during something like this?

It's because African-American families have conversations about what to do when the police stop them. They have to. They know that a police officer's word is always going to be believed over the dead negro they just killed, unless there's recorded evidence. Philando himself probably asked Diamond to start her camera and to not stop recording, no matter what transpired. And she did. For her trouble she was thrown into jail for twelve hours without any charges being filed. No food, no water, separated from her child, and nothing to think about except for the hideous vision of Mr. Castile's blood-soaked body.

Caucasians don't have these conversations about unfortunate interactions with the police. We don't have to. We're entitled.


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