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The Vision Thing

One of the first things police academies teach potential officers is "Come home safe." This translates in contemporary America as "Shoot to kill at the slightest provocation".

And I don't blame them. This crazy, wonderful country in which we all live has far too many guns in the hands of far too many irrational people. Sometimes the police die as a result of that combination but way more frequently it is us, the public, which suffers while simply reaching for our identification. Particularly if you're a non-white.

The police department is so afraid of its men dying in the field they now wear bullet-proof armor and train like a military force. This is lunacy.

There's a simple solution to this: Get rid of the guns. And there would be no more powerful voice for the recoding of the Second Amendment, to make it suitable for the 21st century, than the police unions in this country.

Imagine. No more "I thought he had a gun!"

No more "I was reaching for my taser."

No more "It accidentally went off."

No more "You see this gun on my hip, dontcha, punk? This is why I will make you regret ever being born for making that turn against the light."

But their unions won't do it. Their members like guns and the authority to wield it as they choose.

It also means they'll continue to be targets of people like Micah Johnson.

Guns vs. no guns. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

So, yes, it's comforting to share phrases like "Back the Blue" in these horrific times, but guess what? It's the same as saying "I'll pray for you." And we all know how effective THAT is.

You want change? Make change, otherwise quit grieving when people die like they did in Dallas because changing the status quo is too harrrrd.


How would altering the Second Amendment work? Simple. No more handguns, for anyone. Shotguns and single-shot rifles are legitimate sporting weapons and could be still owned by those with hunting licenses, training, and insurance. Law authorities could have shotguns and rifles available for emergencies, in their squad cars or at their stations, but would carry no guns on their persons.

The attack in Dallas has clearly showed that "Open carry" and "A good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun" is a joke. The death of Trayvon Martin has shown us that "Stand your ground" is an open invitation to murder. It's time to change an amendment meant for controlling slaves to one that has more relevance to the 21st century and the rest of the civilized world.

And for those who like their guns because they go
Boom!", thanks for nothing.


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