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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican vote suppression and subversion.

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Creature Feature

Just to be clear, this cartoon is about fascists using metaphorical, possibly literal, chainsaws to massacre Democrats. It's not about the mass death of chainsaws which have predilections towards fascism.


"Civility is destructive because it perpetuates falsehoods, while vulgarity can keep us honest." - Amber A'Lee Frost

This explains why I draw these comics.


A lot of people with curiously crimson chapeaus are parroting right-wing talking points that all the covid in the country is the fault of immigrants.

And what do you bet many of these red-hatters refuse to be vaccinated?

The hypocrisy level is thermonuclear.


Republicans: "Fauci is old and senile!"

Also Republicans: "Fauci is an evil genius who created the covid-19 virus."


end rant

News & Notes for August 9th, 2021

Pentagon to require all troops to be vaccinated by September 15th.

Trump DOJ official Jeffrey Clark pushed acting AG to interfere in presidential election.

Climate change? We're kinda fucked.

In just four yearsTrump added $6.7 trillion to the national debt.

Canada opens its borders for vaccinated Americans.

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The Fascist Chainsaw Massacre
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GOP elephant with chainsaw cutting voter into pieces.
The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican vote suppression and subversion.

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