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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's plans to destroy the U.S. government.

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In case anyone forgot, Trump works for Putin. He has for years and he still does.


Andrew Cuomo: A Democrat investigated for sexual assault by Democrats.

Donald Trump, Matt Gaetz, Brett Kavanaugh: Republicans whose sexual assaults were ignored by Republicans.


Just a reminder: In early 2020 Trump said the pandemic would be over by April, 2020. So fuck Ron DeSantis. That creepy, murderous toady


Is it me or is the internet dying?

Well, not so much "dying" dying as it's got a bad case of that yellow toenail disease where you have to take expensive pills that can damage your liver every day for like six monthns to a year while you wait for the old toenail to grow out because that's just the way it fucking works.... though I wouldn't really know anything about it.


Some of you may recall before Google hit the scene one of the great delights of the internet was the intense scrutiny of every cyber-nook and cranny just to see what kind of weird and inventive sites people were developing.

And develop they did. This was the golden epoch of the 'net, when bookmarks were king, when surfers routinely used email to share new and interesting sites with one another. (This was before search engines, I.E. Google, data-mined us for so much info that they know what we want almost before we want it.)

I still have many of these bookmarks buried in one browser or another. (A quick check reveals a lot of the sites are gone or the domain name is available for purchase. Ah, well, time to break out the old shovel and bury a few of these corpses.)

The diversity back then was staggering because no single web entity, apart from maybe msn.com or apple.com, dominated the web.


It seems it's all about site links on cell phones and there's only so much room on those things. Users heavy into cell phone use have their specific links for shopping, social interaction and, hopefully, news and that's about it... until some bright spark, probably Chinese, has a new and innovative idea for social interaction (I.E. getting laid.)

A brief digression: The top ten websites garnering the most foot-traffic today are, in order, Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Instagram, Baidu (China), Yahoo(?) and, uh, two porn sites.

Upon reflection, I sadly realize that there are about twenty major websites which I, personally, have in heavy rotation. Most are news and information, a couple are entertainment and one or two are, uh, porn-ish.

Yeah, I'm as bad as everyone else.

How long before the internet is one big button that says "Gimme!" and the information that we think we want but is really, in actuality, just pure marketing by a consortium of Walmart/Apple/Amazon that is beamed directly into our corneas via our Apple wallets?

So to those of you that visit this site, I commend you. You're still obviously doing it the old-school way because this is an old-school site, and always will be.



end rant

News & Notes for August 5th, 2021

Texas GOP official mocks Covid and then dies of Covid.

Mexico sues U.S. gunmakers. Huzzah!

Asshole Missouri governor pardons asshole Missouri lawyers.

President Joe Biden reinstates ban on home evictions.

New letters show how frighteningly close Trump came to successfully staging his coup.

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Yeah! What DOES he mean?


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
The Oval Office, early 2020
lawyer: Mr. President, if you are re-elected you can then use executive orders for the next four years to destroy the U.S. government.
Howeever, if you lose the election you can try a last-ditch effort to have your followers capture and kill key U.S. Congressmen and destroy the U.S. government.
Or, after you've left the White House, you can openly question the validity of the vote giving Republican state legislators an excuse to rewrite voting laws and thus destroy the U.S. government.
Trump: In other words, it's win-win-win.
The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's plans to destroy the U.S. government.

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