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The progressive editorial cartoon about Heaven's rules for suicides.

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Suffer the Little Injections

Welcome to August 2021, everyone!

So glad you made it!


Some people are giving Bill Barr a thimbleful of credit for leaving Trump's employ before committing real treason.

Well, guess what?

If Trump had won the election Bill Barr would have surely remained at his post and wet himself in glee executing any and all of Trump's autocratic, unitary executive bidding.

So screw that dude.


A brief history of the U.S. Presidency.

Eisenhower: Warned us about the military-industrial-(congressional)-complex. But did we listen? Nooooooooooo.

Kennedy: Assassinated, but not by Democrats. Just sayin'.

Johnson: Expanded civil and voting rights for minorities.

Nixon: Worked with the Viet Namese to steal the election. Resigned for violating the Constitution.

Carter: Good man, great environmentalist. Punished for the Iranian hostage crisis.

Reagan: Worked with the Iranians to steal the election. Destroyed the middle class.

George H.W. Bush: Who?

Clinton: Taxed the rich and subsequently oversaw the largest economic expansion is U.S. history.

George W. Bush: Awarded the presidency by the Supreme Court. Invaded the wrong country. Left office with America in economic tatters.

Barack Obama: Biggest inauguration crowd in history. Brought honor, dignity to the White house and health care to millions.

Donald Trump: Worked with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. Wanted to have the DOJ order the 2020 election 'corrupt'. Should be hung by his own entrails.

Joe Biden: Has not invited Russian operatives into the Oval Office. So far so good.


end rant

News & Notes for August 2nd, 2021

GDP under Trump was the worst since Hoover.

At least 70 per cent of Americans now have at least one dose of vaccine.

Florida breaks record for covid-19 hospitalizations. Way to go, DeSantis.

Third officer involved in Capitol Riot has died by suicide.

Lindsey Graham has covid-19, now thinks vaccines are just dandy.

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Man: Is it true you can't enter Paradise if you commit suicide?
Saint Peter: Not always, my son. We make all manner of exceptions.
For example. Depression, PTSD, physician-assisted suicide, or self-sacrifice to save others. Did you die by your own hand, my son?
No, I died from covid because I refused to get the…. shit. Hell.
The progressive editorial cartoon about covid and Heaven's suicide rules.

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