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The progressive comic about Trump's election interferecne trial.

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Blowin' In the Wind

Would it be wrong of me to start calling Tiny-Fingers Von ShitzInPantz "Cricket"?

May the fourth be with you!


I very dimly recall being your typical college student at one point in my life. That life, for me, revolved around art, food, pussy, handball and occasional fitful bouts of sleeping, in or around that order. The war in Viet Nam, like the draft, was over and I rarely used my car (The legendary Mustang!) so gas or real estate prices did not affect my pocketbook. Looking back, it was a blissful epoch of low interest rates for us young Boomers, blighted only by the thump of disco music so inescapable that some part of Gloria Gaynor is inextricably embedded into our DNA.

Politics of regional, national or world origin might as well have been the farts of herbivores on planets circling distant stars for all the effect they had on the impenetrable shell of self-absorption I had erected.

Thus, as a human with higher educational experience, I can state with some degree of accuracy that many of those participating in this week's campus demonstrations may lack a firm understanding of the central issues at hand. But I don't blame them for their actions.

They were all too young to have made the mistake of voting for Trump in 2016, which is when the political fires they're now fighting were ignited. So I sincerely hope they realize, when the smoke clears, that they can make a better future for themselves through the practical approach of not voting for real estate con-men, or Conservatives of any stripe, as the formulators of public regulation they will have to endure for the rest of their foreseeable futures. (See: Dobbs Decision or Project 2025).


Just wanted to let you know that I'm working on something special, something exciting, something with massive potential for copyright violation but, most importantly, something so cathartic I could just plotz.

Stay tuned.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for May 4, 2024

President Joe Biden opens Obamacare to the Dreamers.

President Joe Biden awards Medal of Freedom to nineteen of this country's finest.

President Joe Biden protects workers by vetoing Republican-backed bill.

President Joe Biden greets Mark Hamill on May Fourth at the White House.

President Joe Biden honors Teachers of the Year at White House dinner.

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Trump: Well, certainly I applaud our brave college students who are protesting the death and destruction in Gaza, (thinks) because it's keeping my trial off the front page.

The progressive comic about Trump's election interference trial.

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