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The progressive comic about how to become president.

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No On the Job Training

I hear various noises from the hinterlands that our two candidates for President are too advanced in years to be effective leaders. So let's ask ourselves:

Is Biden past his prime? Yes. Is Trump a mentally deteriorating man-child? Yes. Is Mr. Biden still capable of running this country? Yes. Is Trump capable of much more than soiling himself and calling people names? No.

The issue here isn't really age, it's capability, which means we wouldn't even be having this conversation about age if we had more stringent requirements for who gets to be President, or even a congressman for that matter.

Running a government is not something a reality TV personality can just step into. It requires years of hands-on experience and how learning to keep the gears of governance nice and greasy.

So instead of changing the rules to limit how long a president can remain in office based on his birth date how about we instead require experience at all levels of governance, meaning local, state and then federal positions, before anyone even THINKS of running for president.

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for March 2, 2024

President Joe Biden announces U.S. food drop into Gaza.

Trump's puppet judge continues to run interference in his classified files case.

Who is the REAL "White House crime family?"

Trump's dementia is accelerating.

PIRS: Thousands of millionaires haven't filed tax returns in years.

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The best way to become president.
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The progressive comic about how to become president.

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