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The progressive comic aboutTrump's idiot voters

end rant

The Day Democracy Died... Again.

SCOTUS: "A decision on whether a drug-addled, treasonous, rapist should be allowed on the ballot for President? Here you go!

A decision on whether a drug-addled, treasonous, rapist should be given the kind of immunity that allows him to kill us all? Well, golly, we'll have to think about THAT one for awhile."


The Supreme Court ruled today that if a man ate a barbecued baby on the Capitol steps he can still be on the ballot for President in all 50 states if at least 41 members of his party in the Senate thinks baby-eating is a-okay.

After all, all Trump did was try and violently overthrow the government.

SCOTUS just put the fate of this nation into the hands of the Republican Party, who collectively think Vladimir "Baby-Eater" Putin is some kind of god. And that "god" ain't gonna help us.


According to the Supreme Court it's the states that decide who can have an abortion but not what kind of criminal the RNC decides to put on the ballot. Well, alllll-righty, then.


GOP lawyers are accusing Fani Willis of getting kickbacks from a lawyer in a case she chose him to prosecute. (Which is a lie, of course. The case is meant only to stall Trump's election interference case.)

How is that ANY fucking different from Texas' Ken Paxton suing on each and every front, this time against six Texas schools that are protesting vouchers? Do you think those lawyers who are getting a boatload of State money aren't kicking it back to Paxton in one fashion or another?

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for March 4, 2024

Supreme Court redefines the 14th Amendment in order to save Triump's sorry ass.

Trump's former CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to perjury charges in Trump's civil fraud trial.

Trump White House was awash in drugs.

Trump is the first man to lose to a woman in a Republican primary. Loooooooooo-serrrrrr!

Trump is mentally deteriorating before our eyes.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Dad, what was January 6th all about?
Well, son, It was a day when a corrupt politician convinced many of his idiot voters to commit crimes in order to keep him in office.
Many of those idiots went to jail but there are still millions of them out there.
Do you think those idiots would vote for him again?
Trump: I'm counting on it, kid!

The progressive comic about Trump's idiot voters.

medicare part d comic president  comic