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Kicking and Screaming

debt ceilingImagine you have a child, in this case a girl. As she gets older her body will grow as any normal child's would. One of the things she will need on a regular basis are new shoes to fit her growing tootsies.

Any good parent would simply buy bigger shoes, one pair after the other. A bad parent would instead whittle her feet down, perhaps sawing off the toes, sanding off the heels, so that they'll fit her old shoes until the parents deem it time to buy some new ones.

This is, of course, only a ghastly metaphor for the GOP's threat to not increase the debt ceiling. If they don't agree to pay the bills that have already been incurred then companies that do business with the government will suffer, possibly fail, and toes will have to be whittled. This will have a deleterious effect worldwide as it will effect the U.S. credit rating. If investors finally decide the U.S. is a risky investment then interest rates will soar and the problem will exacerbate itself.

Say "Hello" to Worldwide Economic Downturn II.

The debt continues to grow not because President Obama is giving free health care to Kenyan Marxist immigrants but because the Bush Tax cuts don't tax the wealthy enough, and so many people lost good jobs due to the 2008 economic downturn that billions more in taxes were lost.

The debt ceiling was raised 18 times for Ronald Reagan, seven times for George Bush (only four times for Bill Clinton). It can be raised again and the only one's who'll care are the bankers who are currently flopping around like Scrooge McDuck in the huge, $220 billion-dollar piles of interest they extort from you and me.


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