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Seven Come Eleven!

debt ceilingI heard that one, single individual won a big old heaping mess o' Powerball money down South Carolina way. Good for him, or her, but very lucky of them, too.

I used to try my hand at the  Texas Lottery back when such things became legal but then I did the math and stopped wasting my money.

The math? Here's how I visualize it:

An 8000-foot-high stack of ordinary typing paper (about a mile-and-a-half high) represents approximately fifteen million sheets of paper. Fifteen-million-to-one is, coincidentally enough, the odds of winning the Texas version of the lotto. (Odds of winning the Powerball lottery is over ten times greater, or a thirteen mile-high stack of paper.)

So in playing the lottery you bet one American dollar that you can can walk up to that immense stack, a pile so high that most people would find it difficult to discern the topmost pages with the unaided eye, and pluck out the single page that will make you rich. Good luck with that.

VERY good luck.

In case you're wondering, you wouldn't require an 8000-foot stepstool to make your selection. Choosing the page at the bottom of the pile gives you the exact same mathematical chance of winning as any of the other fifteen million pages.

Yes, pure, random chance can certainly win you the lottery but Lady Luck will snicker daintily into the back of her gloved hand each time you try.

PS: I realize some of the lottery money is targeted for schools and other worthy recipients but, in the final analysis, the lottery is just a tax on people who are bad with money.


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