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The cartoon about poison gas. Literally.
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A Child's Guide To Poison

poison appleEverybody knows poison is bad for you. It can make you sick but it can also kill you.

The cars that fill our streets are powered by poison, but their engines cannot burn the poison perfectly so you eventually breathe some of it into your lungs.

This poison is also explosive.

Driver's buy this explosive poison from places which store it underground in tanks that sometimes leak the poison into the ground. Oftentimes, when people who buy poison get careless, some of the poison is spilled onto the ground.

Poison is delivered to those tanks by big trucks which drive right through your neighborhoods, and the trucks get the gas from poison-filled pipelines that are hundreds of miles long and buried deep in the earth. These pipelines are connected to processing plants which produce million of gallons of poison every day.

The raw material for the poison comes from crude poisons that are pumped out of the earth and inside other pipelines that are also hundreds of miles long. These sometimes rupture and poison the earth.

These crude poisons are removed from the earth in ways which leave some of the poison in the surrounding earth. In order to get as much of this crude poison out of the earth as possible companies now pump other poisons into the earth. This requires using a lot of fresh water which itself becomes poisoned. This poisoned water sometimes migrates into fresh water supplies, thus poisoning them, too.

Poison now sometimes comes out of people's faucets.

Companies also pump poison from wells deep below the ocean's surface. Sometimes something goes wrong and we poison the ocean. Many fish die.

People who get rich from selling poison will use their money to get laws written that will favor poison production. This means more poison for everyone, but at the prices they choose.

When poison companies think they don't have enough of the crude poison for themselves they will use their power to convince our government to fight and kill the people of other countries in order to get their poison. Our government will even secretly overthrow other governments in order to gain access to more poison.

It's time to stop.

For many years we have operated our cars on poison but that's because it was all we had at the time, but we don't need poison any longer. Smart people are now making electric cars that are much better than poison-powered cars, so the faster we build more of those cars the cleaner, and happier, the Earth will be. For everyone.


Addendum: I've received several comments which try to make the argument that even electric cars will need poison fuel to charge their batteries.

Let me point out instead that Germany is already making so much renewable energy, much of it solar, that they're having to shut down several fossil fuel-powered energy plants.

If cold, dark Germany can do this, so can sunny, expansive America.


I occasionally make small running changes in my cartoons, usually because I was too rushed or too tired to get it right, but today was the first time I've ever completely changed a cartoon. As you'll see from the original version, this one's better. I miss the smiling, whistling man but there was no room for him this time.


end rant


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