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The progressive comic about Republican beliefs about female biology.

end rant


Wanna know a secret?

In vitro fertilization actually SAVES babies. Or viable eggs, anyway.

Human females are born containing about 6-8 million eggs inside their little bodies. These begin immediately dying by the hundreds each day until by the time a female is in her teens she's down to only hundreds of thousands of eggs.

IVF uses hormones to force immature eggs, which would have normally perished, to mature and then harvests them in large numbers for possible fertilization.

So, Alabama Judgey geezers, you're actually killing babies through your ignorant rulings. So back up, rescind your decisions, and let's all move on.

(For more information on the fascinating life and times of women's eggs, check this page out.)


Oh, no!

Joe Biden lost 13% of the Michigan primary vote to a protest candidate, "uncommitted".

Now what will he...

Oh, wait.

Trump lost 27% of the vote to a protest candidate. Nikki Haley.

Now, my public school math skills are kinda dusty but by counting on my fingers, toes, and recreational appendages it looks like Joe came out better yesterday. What do you think?

BTW, the 13% vote for "uncommitted" was from Michigan Democrats, many of them Muslim, who think Biden can somehow wave a magic wand and bring peace to Israel/Gaza.

The 27% for Haley were voters saying "Trump sucks!"


An indication that Mitch McConnell can read the writing on Trump's jail cell walls is that he announced today that he's stepping down from the Minority Leader's chair in November, right after the election. Trump's lousy primary results are a clear indication to Mitch that he will never be Majority Leader or wield significant power again. And if he can't fuck everything up then he'll just sit in the back of the Senate, accrue as many bribes as possible, and freeze quietly to himself.


I heard this suggested recently....

If the GOP continues to block U.S. aid for Ukraine NATO nations might have to put boots on the ground in defense of that country. When that happens, the U.S. will follow suit.

So the GOP's stupid ploy to make the border situation appear worse for Biden might ignite Word War III.

Good going, you morons.


I had this weird thought that we should replace the three branches of government with science, history and economics.

That's being very snarlkily simplistic but what if we altered the requirements for high government office to include degrees in just those very subjects. Maybe even two out of three. Especially for the Presidency. We could even grandfather it in, making the degrees a requirement only after 2036 in order to give prospective candidates time to catch up.

Whattaya think?

- Lefty

end rant

Lefty News for February 28, 2024

Trump will gladly pay you Tuesday for the $454 million dollar fraud judgment he owes you today. Judge says "No way, Jose!"

Trump's ginned-up case against prosecutor Fani Willis falls apart like one his diapers after a Big Mac binge.

Mitch McConnell to step down from his post as "Grand Fucker-Upper!"

The Not-So-Supreme Court finally takes up the matter of Trump's not-immune-in-a-million-years case.

President Joe Biden's physical results: "A-OK!"

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

GOP elephant: A woman's baby factory can only make about 400 eggs in her lifetime.
Once she's pregnant, though, her egg machinery shuts down until she's ready to have babies again.
So, women, if you just have pregnancy after pregnancy you could have babies for almost 400 years!
Woman: You don't know anything about biology.
GOP: I'm a Republican. I don't have to know anything.

The progressive comic about Republican beliefs about female biology

becoming president  comic ivf  comic