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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican's chasing their tails over Biden.

Impeachable You

House Majority "Leader" Mike McCarthy is mumbling vague threats these days about impeaching President Joe Biden in order to teach him a lesson for doing... something. Like being, oh, I dunno.... unable to reverse the aging process or for not marrying a gold-digging Russian handler/whore like any real president would.

You got me.

Frankly, I kinda like the job Joe is doing, though in my deepest, darkest of hearts I wish he'd use some of those "If the President does it its not illegal" powers that Trump was claiming for himself and banish the giant orange turd to a small island with nothing but a well-thumbed copy of "Fly Fishermen Monthly", a ten-year's supply of unsalted tater-tots.... and no ketchup.

But I digress.

Can you imagine the absolute shit-show which would ensure if the House Freedom Crackers finally settled on an impeachable offense? One that they could spell. If anyone needed a child's edition copy of "Impeachment For Complete Idiots", complete with crayons and bright, shiny stickers, it'd be them.

Practically speaking, an impeachment would only help Dark Brandon as Democrats would summarily flock to support him in record numbers at the polls. Without doubt, though, many House Republicans are serious enough about keeping their cushy jobs (No, really!) that the vote would fail anyway.

That being said..... Do it! Mike! Do it!


Since the end of Title 42 southern border crossings are down about 90%. That's why Texas fuhrer Gregg Abbott put those inhumane floating barbed-wire barriers in the river... to keep border crossings in the news. It's all about the cruelty.

And, as a bonus, it results in the dehumanization of those crossing the river, sometimes resulting in death, all to the delirious delight of his racist and sadistic party.


The Raging Pencils cartoon of July 28, the "QXZY" 'toon, went somewhat viral and I subsequently received no end of attention from conservative internet trolls. The 'toon hit a soft spot in those mushy, red-hatted brains of theirs that I didn't know existed. I think it was because the gag was limited to four letters and that's about the extent of their literary comprehension.

It's been deeply satisfying deleting their comments and blocking their accounts and I'm looking forward to the next viral 'toon.


end rant

Lefty News for August 4th, 2023

Both expelled members of "The Tennessee Three" win back their State House seats! Congratulations, men!

Trump arraigned today for a whole BUNCH of his crimes. Trial coming soon!

Mike Pence, in the middle of his "Where Are My Balls?" tour, says Trump wanted him to overthrow the election.

Florida bans AP psychology from public schools due to the State legislature being declared ethically brain-dead.

Trump's "First Amendment" defense sadly lacking in anything resembling competent legal representation.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican's chasing their tails over Biden.

biden comic biden comic