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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trumo using executive privilege.

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Executive Perversion

Last week cartoonist Scott Stantis summarized, in comic form, his exceedingly unpleasant encounter with COVID-19. Though the most tragic part of the experience was losing his father-in-law to the disease Stantis himself was bedridden with a fever, illustrated at 102.2 degrees, for ten days. He ended the 'toon with reports of a thankful recovery but any after-effects are yet to be seen.

This got me recalling the opening, pre-masked days of the pandemic, March of 2020, when I sustained a mysterious fever, sometimes as high as 102 degrees, for almost a month. No other symptoms, though.

I initially reacted to the malady by trying to walk it off, shuffling double the daily miles I usually trod most late-Winter days. The fever remained but I developed a beautiful set of blisters on my feet. An application of Dr. Scholl's to my decrepit sneakers solved that problem.

The fever abated after about a month but when the first tests for COVID-19 became available I, of course, hurried down and endured the dreaded nasal swab. The diagnosis was negative. Yay.

Reports of Omicron in this country are still anecdotal but I'm secure in the knowledge that Biden's health task-forces will do a monumentally more successful job of containing it than the Giant Orange Baby Sarcoma. It doesn't hurt that this time we have barricaded the gates with new and devilishly clever mRNA weaponry.

With this in mind, I attended a small, wholly-vaccinated family gathering this past Thursday and so far seemed to have escaped unharmed. No fevers or additional horns growing out of my head. A similar Saturnalian gathering is in the works for late December though the turn-out will be equally low not so much for health reasons as for half the family hates the political guts of the other half of the family. So it goes.


If being suspended from his job is considered suitable punishment for Chris Cuomo as a result of using his media position to help his political associates, in this case his brother, then Tucker Carlson should be permanently chained to a rock while an eagle feasts on his liver every morning for all he's done for Donald Trump.


Environmental Tip: If you enjoy quaffing orange juice save our benighted Earth just a little bit more by buying it in recyclable cartons rather than in plastic jugs. The less plastic we use, the better.


Right-wing news outlets are currently Benghazi-ing the dickens out of Kamala Harris concerning her purchase of a $375 piece of fancy-shmancy cookware.


If she had bought $130,000 worth of Le Creuset pans and had her lawyer illegally pay for them through a shell company, violating campaign finance laws, then told the country she never heard of Le Creuset, then sued Le Creuset because they showed the country the receipt, then I'd give a shit.

But she didn't, so I don't, and neither should anyone else.


end rant

News & Notes for November 30th, 2021

President Joe Biden set to sign four bill aimed at helping veterans.

Trump actively coordinated with secessionists on January 6th.

Trump never got another classified briefing after January 6th.

Senate Republicans block annual defense bill because "neener-neener-Democrats-are-mean!"

Pentagon tells Oklahoma anti-vaxxer lawmakers to buzz-off and insists its National Guard be vaccinated

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