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The progressive editorial cartoon about the supreme court and abortion rights.

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The Beehive State

The argument by the three Liberal Supreme Court Judges today is that if Roe is overturned the Court will be perceived as nothing but a political tool of the Republican Party from here on.

To which the Conservative Judges have no doubt thought to themselves: "And?"


Even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade there will always be abortions in this country, just not safe abortions. This shameless exhibition of kabuki is not about abortion or saving little innocent zygotes. It's about keeping women powerless.


I have this somewhat hopeful hunch that the Supreme Court will only strike down a portion of Roe v. Wade, rather than the whole thing, allowing women to still have limited access to their Constitutional right of self-determination but leaving the Right plenty of material with which to cudgel their base into action at the voting booths while continuing to righteously bank yacht payments, I mean, campaign donations from racist misogynists and Big Daddy Koch.

After all, a Republican without an emotional hot-button to ceaselessly pound is closer to a true 1950s Conservative than whatever the Hell they represent lately.


Once the Radical Right elements of the Supreme Court gut Roe v. Wade there will be literally no going back to a Democratic Republic. Those five, or six, Judges will proceed to serve justice the way Trump ran the Presidency.... on a whim. The SC will have no reason or obligation not to do as they're told by the Republican Party as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to them, have become quaint, meaningless historical honey-do's. I perceive future resignations from the bench among the Liberal Judges just to keep their hands clean of the bloody mess that is certain to come.

This won't happen all at once. It's been happening all along, ever since Reagan. The temperature of the water in our metaphorical pot raising in small amounts just the way it's been doing for forty years. The metaphorical frogs in this metaphorical pot won't be allowed to die because the Right has way too much fun watching them suffer.


Number of children killed in school shootings since 1999: 153

Number of children killed by Critical Race Theory since 1999: 0

Number of Republican Congressmen who plan on stopping future school shootings: 0

Number of Republican Congressmen currently fear-mongering about CRT: All of them


If being suspended from his job is considered suitable punishment for Chris Cuomo as a result of using his media position to help his political associates, in this case his brother, then Tucker Carlson should be permanently chained to a rock while an eagle feasts on his liver every morning for all the poisonous water he's carried for Donald Trump.


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News & Notes for December 2nd, 2021

CIA report shows Trump abandoned his duties as Commander in Chief.

Trump caused the current state of inflation, not Biden.

Michigan election official who refused to certify Biden's victory dies of Covid-19.

Many states are paying workers to be unvaccinated.

Biden quietly ended the drone war.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the supreme court and abortion laws.

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