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The progressive editorial cartoon about goddamn guns.

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The .22 Caliber Caroussel

If the Capitol is ever again assaulted by another Trump-lathered crowd, this time armed, I sincerely doubt bands of Biden supporters will take up similar arms to fight them to the death because Democrats believe in the rule of law and Trump voters don't. (Yes, I realize this won't happen while Biden is in office as the grown-ups are in charge again but it's worth pondering.)


When you teach schoolchildren how to protect themselves against shooters you're also, as in the Michigan case, teaching the shooter how to work around the precautions.

The answer is strict gun control, not this idiotic kabuki taught as "self-protection".


Countries using nukes to protect themselves from the nukes of other countries is referred to as MAD, "Mutually Assured Destruction".

The NRA's desire to arm all Americans is also MAD.


I was glad to see 60 Minutes give Reality Winner a chance to tell her side of the story (She's a true patriot, IMHO) but did they REALLY have to spend half the segment talking about her depression, which had nothing to do with the Russians interfering with U.S. elections?

If the Greatest Generation were all still with us and in their physical prime they'd be assaulting the Capitol in order to cold-cock the shit out of these fascist traitors calling themselves Republicans.


end rant

News & Notes for December 6th, 2021

Guardsman claims Army Generals lied about their part in the January 6th insurrection.

New York City to mandate vaccines on private sector employers.

Trump's media company deal is being investigated by securities regulators.

Republican Congressman celebrates guns and ask Santa for ammo in incredibly tone-deaf Christmas photo.

Pro-Trump counties now have far more COVID death rates than pro-Biden counties.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about our goddamn gun problem.

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