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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican's chasing their tails over Biden.


Fox News, which once won a lawsuit saying it has a right to lie to its viewers, is protecting a man who attempted to overthrow the government by saying it was his right to lie about losing the election.

Which means Fox News is lying to low-information people, who are unable or unwilling to discern truth from lies, about the lies about which a liar lied.

I would sarcastically opine at this point that Fox News would be taking a significant step upward in integrity if it existed only to promote the use of apricot pits as a cancer cure but then I recall that they have already promoted horse de-worming medicine to cure COVID, which means Fox News has reached the hypocrisy event horizon. Like any other black hole, all accurate information within Fox News' orbit should be presumed to be inexorably sucked into its dense, fascist gravity well, never to be seen again. Though useful traces of sports and weather may occasionally escape as the edutainment version of Hawking radiation.

In short, Fox News viewers would better off watching instructional Youtube videos about percussive maintenance on their prefrontal cortex using the nearest brick wall.


President Joe Biden's hoisting of a refreshing beverage bearing the "Dark Brandon" meme is a subtle middle finger to the Conservative political universe, and right-wing media is predictably losing their shit over it. I love it because it expresses a gentle, self-mocking humor the kind of which Trump was absolutely incapable.

drk delicious Brandon

It's nice having a human president for a change, isn't it?


end rant

Lefty News for August 7th, 2023

Mitch "The Grim Reaper" McConnell heckled with calls to retire.

Business associate has no knowledge of any Hunter Biden wrongdoing.

Judge throws out Trump countersuit against E. Jean Carroll.

Texas judge blocks abortion ban, Texas Asshole General puts a stay on the decree, because of course they did.

Florida is showing climate-change denial videos in public schools, because of course it is.

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Hunter Biden crimes, president Joe biden.
GOP: Get in there, godammit!
Lefty: Why do you waste so much time on Hunter Biden?
GOP: It's all we got.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican's chasing their tails over Hunter Biden.

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