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The progressive editorial cartoon about messaging fascism.

Initial Overreaction

Do you get the feeling that fascists are resorting to single-letter names for their movements because it's all their audience can spell?

Speaking of such symbolism, whenever I see someone wearing a cross I always ask "What does the "t" stand for?"

Speaking of christo-fascists, the goddess Randi Rhodes posited yesterday that what today's Conservatives really want is a return to the days where anything a White Christian did was entirely acceptable. The most succinct explanation of the MAGA movement I've yet heard.

Speaking of White "Christians", Trump is on the debate stage tonight and I'm dearly hoping Chris Christie asks him if he won the last election. Trump can't say no, meaning he has to say yes, meaning he can't run again for president.  It would be such fun.

Speaking of racists, I'd like to share a personal perspective: We're all pink on the inside, and when the tiger eats us we all come out brown.

Speaking of strutting coproliths, why is there no mention on the Trump Wikipedia page of his being judged a rapist by the Federal judge in his trial for, oh, what was that again?

Oh, yeah... rape.

Plenty of rape-talk on Bill Clinton's Wiki page but fuck-all on Trump's.
Just sayin'.

And speaking of rapists, the sole reason that Trump is the leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination is because, corrupt twat-waffle that he is, he's running against the political equivalent of barf bags, wooden nickels, gangrene and/or used car salesmen.


end rant

Lefty News for July 28th, 2023

Trump, in ever deeper legal shit, drags employees down with him.

Ron DeSantis is running a distant number two to a man person whatever who is figuratively number two.

Bidenomics is working because adults are running the show.

President Joe biden designates a national monument honoring Emmett Till and his mother.

Special Counsel Jack Smith charges Trump with destroying evidence of his classified document crimes.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about messaging fascism.

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