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The progressive editorial cartoon about oil is destroying our civilization.

Dirty Jobs

With the perspective of having lived 167 years I seem to have been blessed with the undeniable ability of gaining employment within industries doomed to the tar pits of history.

For instance, my first real job was working at a drive-in theatre at a time when virtually every major or minor American city had at least one, and probably several, within their borders keeping the local populace happily munching popcorn under the stars. These things are mostly a memory now.

Not long after that found me operating a turret lathe in a large machine shop that manufactured butterfly valves for the oil industry. Cheaper-made off-shore versions closed that shop, and many others like it in this country.

During college I worked as the resident artist for a large record store chain. They and their competitors all eventually faded into the colored-vinyl sunset.

I then became a free-lance illustrator, the profession of which I'd always dreamed. This was the greatest job ever until a combination of easy-to-use digital art tools, internet-driven global competition, and a severe decline in available magazines and periodicals left too many talented hands fighting for too few jobs.

I then jumped headlong into Flash animation. I made a good living there until Macromedia introduced Actionscripting, to which malware coders from around the globe said "Oooh! Thank you!". Apple consequently banned the plug-in from its OS's and that was the end of that.

As frequent visitors to this site know I decided to dip my cranky toe into editorial cartooning waters in 2006 which, of course, means that industry is now doomed. Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists are currently being shown the door from newspapers nationwide. The owners maintain that it's a budget issue but I tend to think/know that it's a bad case of vulture capitalism with a side of order of oppressing enlightened dissent.

Be that as it may, I'll keep at it because it's fun and I'm my own boss. Thanks for coming along for the ride and, if you can, please support your local Lefty via Patreon. (This naked plug for alms was not my idea. The cat has promised to suffocate me in my sleep if I don't start buying better brands of cat food.)



Two semi-related notes:

1: Raging Pencils going forward will be ad-free. No more Google ads offering guns or boner-pills. I also removed them from the Poozycat Project.

2. For the first time this year I created a full allotment of thirteen new Raging Pencil cartoons for the month. This is a big deal for me as I'd been feeling "fog-brained" for some time. Maybe I've dispelled some Covid remnant or maybe I'm just pleased that Trump may finally die in jail.


end rant

Lefty News for July 31st, 2023

Charges are "ready to go" in Trump election interference case in Georgia.

Republicans have a plan ready to nuke what's left of the environment.

President Joe Biden keeps Space Force in Colorado and out of that racist, anti-woman septic tank, Alabama.

College professors are fleeing Florida due to it's idiotic "anti-woke" legislation.

Trump's "campaign" is running out of money.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Aliens pointing at Earth: This species reproduces rapidly and is irredeemably hostile. They need to be eradicated.
They’re still burning wood, right? Why don't we just show them where the oil is?
that's just mean, Jerry.
Oh, you meant killing them Xorchartanely. Sorry, my bad.

The progressive editorial cartoon about how oil has destroyed our civilization.

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