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The progressive editorial cartoon about goddamn Republicans.

Scatological Politics 101

What happened to Mitch McConnell today? Rather than having a mild stroke I'm hoping he suddenly had a brief moment of clarity about what a vindictive bastard he's been all of his political life.

I'll also accept: Satan was tickling his balls... again.

The important thing to remember about McConnell's "event" is that it's more than likely not his first one. We just got to see this one on public display. The man's a walking time bomb.


Speaking of Turtle Man, am I the only one that's still pissed, and suspicious, over the way he refused to fill the empty slot on the Supreme Court in 2016 until, in his own words, a Republican president was in office. At the time of Scalia's death Trump was a laughing stock so surely Mitch wasn't counting on THOSE chickens hatching in the White House... unless he knew the full extent of Russian interference beforehand. and isn't THAT an interesting thought?

With that being said, and considering the state of the Supreme Court today, I hope his next neurological event traps his loathsome, corrupt mind in a body that won't function and deteriorates slowly and painfully over a long period of time.

Should you find me somewhat unsympathetic please recall that number of people suffering in this country, from disease or hunger, as a direct result of McConnell's vile politics is almost incalculable. Fuck that guy!


I wasn't a huge fan of Sinead O'Connor's music but she instantly became a hero to me after I watched her rip a photo of the Pope to shreds live on national TV. Something to do with child sexual abuse within the Church.


According to a government whistleblower our military has custody of a couple of little green man corpses and has been secretly reverse-engineering alien technology for "several decades". I'm pretty sure all past presidents were aware of this (if true) except Trump because they just KNEW he'd want to try out the death ray on Nancy Pelosi.


end rant

Lefty News for July 26th, 2023

Red-neck ambulating turd Ammon Bundy ordered by court to pay hospital $50 million .

I watched Sinead rip a photo of the Pope in half on national TV. She was amazing and brave. RIP girl.

Mitch McConnell's soul tries to escape his body, but fails.

Government whistle-blower reveals Christian back-story full of shit.

When she says "incandescently stupid" we know she means Trump.

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Lefty: Fuck Republicans!
GOP: Fuck Democracy!
L: Wait. That's not the same thing.
GOP: You heard me.

The progressive editorial cartoon about fucking Republicans.

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