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The progressive editorial cartoon about the GOP and slavery.

3/5ths Of History

The GOP, eventually: "There was no slavery. Never was."

The rest of the world: "What the effing eff!?"


In Florida they're now teaching schoolchildren that slavery was actually of benefit to the slaves or, as this tactic is more commonly known: "Hi, I'm Ron DeSantist. I'm pretending to hate Black people because I want the support of Trump voters after his ass is convicted and he pretends to have a stroke, or vice versa. So, please, look at me. Look at me be racist. I'm racist and I need your MAGA-ass, low-information vote because Gen Z is coming and the little bastards believe in freedom and equality and, worst of all, gun control laws. See you in 2024!"


Technical Note: The day after I posted this 'toon I decided to redraw three of the Lefty character in positions that more openly mocked the ellyphant. So, for all you return customers, that's the story.


end rant

Lefty News for July 24th, 2023

Trump calls January 6 attack "a government staged attack". Well, he would know.

Nearly a third of Republicans (REPUBLICANS!) view Trump as "unfavorable".

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a giant, sadistic piss-baby.

Ron DeSantist suggests slaves benefitted from forced slavery.

Isreali's protest Conservative rape of country's Supreme Court.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Today's GOP on slavery
700,000 Americans died in the war against slavery! (Half of them died trying to maintain slavery.)
It was white people who freed the slaves! (Ahem. It was white people who enslaved them.)
It was the Democrats who fought to keep slavery! (Today's Republicans were the Democrats of 1865.)
Those slaves learned valuable working skills! (Like what? Being raped or being whipped to death?)
The GOP, eventually: "There were no slaves!"

The progressive editorial cartoon about slavery.

the story of godcomic the story of godcomic