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The progressive editorial cartoon about us versus them... and them sucks.

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In case you missed it, one of Alabama's Senators, Tommy Tuberville, whose entire resume' of government experience prior to winning the seat was as a football coach, is currently on a mission to block promotions in all three branches of our military because, he says, he's against the Pentagon's choice-friendly stance towards its female soldiers. The Pentagon is not budging from its position. No way. No how, and Tuberville knows this. So what is Tuberville's deal?

Take a moment to recall that immediately after Trump lost the election in 2020 he began mysteriously firing Pentagon officials, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and replacing them with loyalists. It was a pointless exercise that puzzled observers…. until January 6th occurred.

So perhaps Tuberville's position is similar to Mitch McConnell's holding open of Judge Scalia's Supreme Court seat, as he often said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Until a Republican president could fill it". (A ludicrous pipe-dream at the time of Scalia's death as Trump was then way behind Clinton in the polls.)

Therefore, is Tuberville's real goal just to create huge, gaping holes in military leadership until Republicans take back the reins of government and then install party-loyal, fascist-friendly faces as heads of our military before the institution of a full-on, unitary-lunatic banana republic begins?

No such conjecture in this regard could be any stranger than the history we all just survived from 2017-2021. As has been said many times already, January 6th was a test-drive for the next attempt. Whatever Tuberville's reason, and it could just be that nefarious, we should never stop slapping that little racist carpetbagger.

Addendum: The GOP currently has less of a chance of snagging the House, Senate and White House in 2024 than I do of flying to Mars by flapping my arms real fast. But that fact doesn't stop these moronic, entitled, authoritarian christo-fascists from dreaming and scheming.


end rant

Lefty News for August 23th, 2023

The Secret Service was caught playing footsie with the Oath Keepers.

Mar-A-Lago IT worker decides going to jail forever to protect that fat orange maggot isn't the best idea.

Mark Meadows ratted out Trump to the Feds.

300 assholes charged in billion-dollar Covid fraud sweep.

Head of the Wagner Group gets his "Vladimir Putin Worker of the Year" award, right up his ass.

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