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The progressive editorial cartoon about us versus them... and them sucks.

“We Are Confronted With Insurmountable Opportunities.”
— Walt Kelly

Back when Al Capp's "Li'l Abner" was subtly satirizing FDR's socialism with his magically masochistic Shmoos, Walt Kelly's "Pogo" was reminding us, thru his comic, what a beautiful world we had and how we were monumentally screwing it up by treating it like our personal trash-heap. Thus the famous "We have met the enemy and he is us" comic. (You can see the original 1971 comic here.)

It was also infamous, in a way, because it made people think, and Americans hate it when they have to think. In this case the thought was a spark, along with many others, that led to the environmental movement. As such, the significance of Kelly's contribution should not be underappreciated.

And then, only somewhat related to the above, an animated version of Pogo appeared in 1969, a 30-minute feature called "The Pogo Special Birthday Special". The production was significant in my life as I'm certain the cartoon version of the delicious Mam'selle Hepzibah, channeling a French version of Marilyn Monroe, is singularly responsible for the dropping of my testicles. (Hey! Access to erotica was severely limited to teen males in 1969. An immature male like moi took what he could get.) She was without question the sexiest animated creature I had ever beheld until "Fritz the Cat" came along. But that's another story.

Stick with the video, as crappy as the VHS quality may be, as there's plenty of fun and Mam'selle for everyone.

Bonus Trivia: The voice of P.T. Bridgeport is Walt Kelly himself while animator of the gods, Chuck Jones, takes a turn as Porky Pine. All of the female voices, along with Pogo himself, is deftly handled by the lovely and talented June Foray.


Technical Note: I've been kicking this cartoon around in the back of my brain thing for some time but i knew it'd involve more than an average amount of time to create, which it did. I also kept adding and subtracting characters, which took a lot of editing.

Unfortunately, regarding response to this 'toon, what I'm discovering is that I have a much better memory of all things Pogo than most folks. But better a head full of useless trivia than the memory of a goldfish. What were we talking about again?


end rant

Lefty News for August 21th, 2023

Trump's bond set at $200,000 in the Georgia case and he's instructed by the judge to keep his big yap shut.

Mark Meadows and Mike Pence just threw Trump under the Mad Max version of the Superbus!

Court finds Texas law rejecting ballots violates the Civil Rights Act.

Judge blocks Georgia ban on hormone replacement therapy for minors.

When you read stories like this one please remember that Republican caususgoers are idiots and that Trump cannot win a general election.

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Pogo: We have met the enemy again. But this time they definitely ain't us.
Today's 'toon: Are we even sure this is the same planet?

The progressive editorial cartoon about us versus them.

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