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The progressive editorial cartoon about government assistance and racism.

Don't Come A-Knockin' When the Wohnwagen's A-Rockin'!

I believe the reason there isn't a more sincere effort by the government to intrude in our bedrooms is because they know it'd be the equivalent of a German nude beach.... all wrinkles and badly-trimmed pubes.


If you Google "U.S. temperature maps" and visit the Wonderground page you'll see a map of America the Beeyooteefool described in vivid yellows and oranges and a little touch of green. These represent the varied temperatures of what seems to be a normal summer across this country.

However, see that angry red blob over North Texas? The hottest place in the country? That's my 'hood. And it's been like that for weeks. As you might understand, having to regard any and every exterior metal surface as a potential George Foreman grill is a drag of Trumpian proportions.

I accept your pity.


end rant

Lefty News for August 19th, 2023

Judge strikes down Georgia law restricting food and water for people standing in line to vote.

Court finds that Texas violated the Civil Rights act by rejecting mail-in ballots.

Cornell West is a half-million dollars in debt due to taxes and child support.

Trump cancels his Monday morning fib-fest because his brain covfefed again.

Disney decides to kick Ron DeSantis's ass around in court for a while.

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A secular prayer.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Should there be a public source that let's you see how much in government aida person has received in their life? Like food stamps, welfare, utility assistance, SSI or Medicaid?
Red: Hell, Yes!
It would include you.
MAGA: Then, Hell naw!
Did you reconsider the privacy aspect?
No, I just didn't know you meant white people, too.

The progressive editorial cartoon about government assistance and racism.

pogo possum comic trump irrefutable response comic