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The progressive editorial cartoon about trump's Georgia indictments.

Oh. Poop!

Imagine, if you will, if Adolf Hitler had been captured alive by the Allies and went on trial in the Hague...

"People of America and all the shit-hole countries, too, I don't know what everyone is so upset about. I and all my friends just wanted to see Paris and give all those beautiful little Jews a nice holiday at camp. Have you seen my camps? There are wonderful people there... on both sides of the barbed wire.

For whatever reason the corrupt Allies decided to start bombing the Hell out of me, probably because they knew I had won the election for chancellor by a landslide. FDR should have done his Constitutional duty and stayed out of the war. In fact, he begged me to forgive him. With tears in his eyes he rolled up to me in that little chair thing of his and he said "Adolf. Adolf, you know I love you, you're the most really powerful and strong dictator in the universe, but what can I do? The Jews and the Blacks, especially the Blacks because they all love you, all want to go to your camps so it's out of my hands."

Man, what a pussy.

So, you see. I'm totally innocent. If anyone's to blame for all those dead people it's my money-grubbing lawyers, who wouldn't know how to lawyer if they got hit with a really strong and powerful lawyer stick... all except the lawyer to my right, who's the most strong and powerful and economical lawyer ever. At least for now.

So thank you, and God bless the wonderful people of the Netherlands, the lovely Hamberders. The most beautiful and powerful and most just jurors ever. And generous, too, in case they want to donate to my defense. And who wouldn't?


Yeah, that's what Trump's Monday response will sound like.


end rant

Lefty News for August 16th, 2023

Idiot Trump supporters attack the horse after it's already left the barn.

Troubled J. Dump says the corrupt part out loud!

Jack Smith has Trump's Twitter DMs. All of them. Even the deleted ones.

Very soon we will learn Trump's exact height and weight.

Marjorie Trailerpark Greene accidentally admits that Trump is a rapist. I am NOT kidding.

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Calm down, Mr. Trump. We're producing your irrefutable response to the Georgia indictments as fast as we can.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's Georgia indictments.

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