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The progressive editorial cartoon about trump's idiot voters.

Touched By An Asshole

RICO charges, with Trump's name prominently displayed in several locations, were handed down in Georgia today! Calloo-callay!

And the temperature finally stayed under 100 degrees in Dallas for the first time in three weeks. I'm thinkin' Satan lost a fantasy politics wager on Trump. [smile]


Stop me if you've heard this but there are few things in this world of which there is a greater likelihood of becoming irrelevant to conservatives and right-wing media after November 5th, 2024 than the Hunter Biden story.

Call me crazy.


Tinfoil Hat Theatre Time.

Louisiana used to be a reliably Blue state. Then hurricane Katrina came along and Black people were ushered out of  the state in huge numbers because their homes were destroyed after the levees blew. The business district remained largely unaffected, though. One could almost be led to believe that a precision military attack was made on that section of the levee.

Lest you think I'm waxing too conspiratorial here there's plenty to reconsider about Dubya's response to Katrina, which was, essentially, nothing. He left to go to a birthday party as waters were rising in New Orleans (Almost like Dubya going to Florida to read to schoolchildren on 9-11. Just a coincidence.). No FEMA, no full-on effort to stem the breech, only a lot of "Good job, Brownie" propaganda.

And let's not forget Barbara Fucking Bush wandering amidst the hundreds of displaced Louisianans crammed into the Astrodome and commenting "This is working out very well for the underprivileged anyway."

After the waters receded public schools untouched by the flood were bulldozed for unknown reasons, though who'd want to raise kids where there are no schools?

Louisiana subsequently became a Red state. I don't know if losing much of its Black population was totally responsible for the sudden switch but, to me, there is certainly a connection.

I bring this up because Hawaii is a famously Blue state and it just lost a major town to fire. I'm not suggesting the victims may all be displaced to Salt Lake City, like many in New Orleans were, but I'll bet the smoking remains of that town is now squarely in the gun-sights of rich, conservative developers.

Which makes the Lahaina fires intriguing, and suspicious, to me.
It's not impossible to think the fires were intentionally set but Fox News and its media kin are making the very idea ludicrous by painting it as an attack by "Jewish space lasers".

Yes, I know what I sound like but I've seen and heard all of this before. Like Hillary's servers, Biden's "pedophilia", WMDs, single-bullet theories, and vague explanations about buildings mysteriously collapsing into their own footprint. It's all misdirection. It's fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

So, yeah, maybe it WAS just a freak fire event but the proof will be in how the town is rebuilt. Will it be the friendly, low-slung tourist trap it used to be or will it be hundreds of brand new, multi-million dollar beach front mansions in the hands of hedge-fund managers and oil barons?


end rant

Lefty News for August 14th, 2023

Troubled J. Dump fires upon Fort Witness Intimidation.

Without Troubled J. Dump running for president the GOP is, what's the word? Oh, yeah... fucked!

Massachusetts taxed millionaires 4% and now every public-school student gets free lunch.

Troubled J. Dump's legal team discovered to be connected to the Georgia voting system breach.

Louis DeJoy is the plague-infected flea of the USPS.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Trump is only running for president in order to keep himself out of prison.
Red Hat: No, he's not!
Trump: Yes, I am. If reelected I'll be immune to all crimes. I'll dismantle democracy and make a beautiful dictatorship like you've never seen. And I have suckers like you to thank. I could shoot you like dog in the street and you would still vote for me. Adios, dumb-ass!
Lefty: SEE!
MAGA in awe: I've been touched by an angel.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's idiot voters

trump's indictments comic trump's idiot voters comic