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Open Butt, Insert Head

You know, I mean you just know that a not insignificant slice of Trump's support base think to themselves that voting for Trump will "finally get that jiggaboo out of Washington." (These are most likely the same people who voted for Dubya back in 2000 in the low-informational belief that it was his father, H.W., returning to the political fray, bringing good old Christian decency back to the Oval Office.) That idea alone blinkers any germ of common sense normal people would have about Trump, but we're not even close to Normal Land this election.

Psychologists and marketing departments both know that there is a hefty chunk of the human race which can be led to believe anything, especially if it supports their preconceived notions/ignorance. Organized religion is built on just that business model but it also comes in handy when you want to bomb another country back to the 11th century so that foreign investment companies could sell its oil to China.

They say to know a man all you have to do is watch how he treats the waiter and Trump has been blithely dick-slapping every perceived inferior on his entitled slither to the White House. It's sustained him thus far but it won't be enough.

While I'm at it, thank you, greedy fucking media, for pumping Trump's candidacy in order to whore a zillion advertising bucks out of the system. Without your "help" Trump would have already been back on the digital equivalent of UHF hawking some fresh new idea like Chia pets for cats and John Kasich would be getting slaughtered by Bernie Sanders in the polls, and in the elections.

Go Bernie!


end rant

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Tell it like it is, Trump!
Okay. This presidential scam I'm running on you bigots and racists in the audience will no doubt result in disaster for this entire country if I'm elected but you won't give a damn as long as you believe you finally ran those Kenyans out of the White House.
Works for us..

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