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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's judges.

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Did I Miss Anything?

Removed: Two Black Democratic congressmen who were silenced for speaking out against guns.

Still here: Clarence Thomas, a Black Supreme court Justice who never speaks, who accepted millions in bribes, some of which no doubt influenced his decision on past gun access laws.


A kid spends hours on the beach crafting a beautiful and intricate sand castle. After he's through another kid rushes over and destroys it in seconds.

Guess which one of these metaphorical kids is the Conservative in this story.


Pardon me but weren't violent video games supposed to be responsible for all these mass shootings?Don't hear much about them anymore. The games, I mean.


What kind of merciful God hangs an object in the sky, viewable for fully half the day and more, that would literally blind you if you stared at it too long?

Nice, trick, God. But we're on to you.


Today's offering is a slight revision of a 'toon that appeared in January of 2019. (Yeah, I knew these Trump-era judges, planted deep in the system by Mitch McConnell's filthy mitts,would come back to bite us.)

I'm sorry to have to admit that I'm having problems finding my kind of humor in the plethora of dismal stories fronting the news these days, or maybe I'm just running low on high-test brain-juice. All I can ask is that you bear with me and stop in occasionally to see what's new. - Lefty


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Lefty News for April 13, 2023

Expelled Tennessee House Democrat Justin Pearson reinstated.

The AR-15 used to kill 5 people in Louisville will be auctioned off due to a fucked-up Kentucky law.

U.S. fascism is spreading under the guise of 'patriotic education'.

Trump supporters swamping Manhattan DA with racist threats.

Iowa says 'Screw You!' to rape victims.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Trump: hose mean old Democrats are trying to jail me.
GOP elephant: Don't worry. You did real good.
Sniff, I did?
Why you betcha. Thanks to you we packed the federal judiciary with hundreds of hard-line conservative stooges. With their aid we'll quite soon be ableto sidestep the Constitution and gut this country like a fish.
And those judges will save me from dying in prison?
Oh, geez.Wouldja just ook at the time.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump going to jail.

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