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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump and Stormy Daniels.

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Best Head Ever!

Anyone out there remember the "callboy" scandal in the Reagan White House?

And does anyone remember the gay male prostitute Dubya gave a White House press pass? And that the very same prostitute visited the White House over 200 times?

Remember the time Dubya's friends told him they were bringing a stripper to the White House for his birthday but he told them he liked the color of his car.

(Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Does anyone remember when Barack Obama kept his cojones in check for eight years?

Yeah, they caught Clinton dallying with an intern, though he didn't bone her, but Trump's in the dock facing the same DNA evidence against him and in this case the charge is actually rape.

As for JFK, I would've nuked Cuba to get at Marilyn, too. (Kidding, though not much.)


An enlightened Conservative wing of the U.S. legislature would have never put Thomas, Kavanaugh, Gorsuch or Barrett on the Supreme court. But the judges were installed there for a reason, to destroy this country, and they're going to stay on the bench come Hell or high water as far as the GOP is concerned. Thomas has no shame or guilt so he'll never resign.

I'll owe everyone a Coke if he does.

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, "Here's hoping Clarence's major intestine, in a desperate attempt to save humanity, leaps straight up through his neck and throttles his brain."


Red-Hatters don't trust computer voting machines because their candidates don't always win.

I don't trust electronic voting because because I understand coding, and as long as there's a bit to flip some bright spark, who is being paid commensurately in inverse capacity to his loyalty to this county, will find a way to flip it.

Biden's win in 2020 was aided in no small part by the vast number of mail-in votes he received. Mail-in balloting works. It leaves a paper trail and you can go online to make certain it reaches those who count them.


Sorry for the lateness of comics this week. To be honest, I was breathing a large sigh of relief after the indictments were opened on Monday. It was like I'd been running a race against the orange bastard for seven (!) years and finally they waved the checkered flag and Trump lost. I honestly needed a few days to quietly enjoy this moment.

But the race is not over and there's many miles to go. See you Monday.


end rant

Lefty News for April 7, 2023

Judge Clarence Thomas caught taking bribes from mega-donor.

Tennessee Republicans turn on the fascist faucet.

Billionaire who is bribing Clarence Thomas also bribed Manchin and Sinema.

President Joe Biden: "Republicans are a threat to the economy."

IRS has a plan to increase audits of the very rich.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Stormy Daniels and Trump.

trump judges comic trump indictments comic