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The progressive editorial cartoon about transgender Americans.

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Heavy Metal

A man wakes out of a coma after 8 years and immediately asks for the latest news. He's told that a former President was indicted for getting caught using campaign funds to bone a porn-star who closely resembles his daughter and then trying to take the money off as a tax deduction.

The man looks puzzled for a moment and then asks the day's date. He's told it's April First.

"So this is all a joke?"

Nope, he's told. It's real.

The man ponders this for a moment and then asks to be put back into a coma.

And would you blame him?


My two favorite jokes, so far, about the indictment is:

"Trump will be tried as an adult."

"This is the first time Trump won a majority vote."

Feel free to Comment your own.


How did someone like Trump become president?

Because America is the kind of place where its cars are required to constantly remind drivers how a convex mirror works.


You know why France has such well-attended protests?

Because Paris is the center hub of a massive public train system.

Wanna try protesting in Austin driving in from El Paso?

Pack a lunch and a pair of Depends. You'll need 'em.


If the Second Amendment is so firmly established in American life then why did the NRA feel the need to spend $150 million dollars in the last presidential election cycle? And almost entirely for the benefit of Republican candidates.


Blood money.


end rant

Lefty News for April 1, 2023

Trump indicted in hush-money case.

Trump to be arraigned April 4th, 2023.

Trump becomes first U.S. ex-President to be charged with a crime.

A Federal judge tells Texas to put banned books back in the library.

Disney embarrasses Ron "Puddin' Boots" DeSantis.

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