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dinotopiaOkay, enough about guns. Let's talk swords.... and arrows, and pikes, and cavalry.

I don't know if anyone has thought about this before, and I'm sure they have, but I wonder if there is a way to program a real-time game that would allow thousands of players to connect simultaneously via the 'net and recreate, famous land battles. Like the Battle of Agincourt, for instance.

You'd need about 20,000 players for that particular battle and each person would control just the one character. Once he's dead, he'd out of the game. It would, of course, suck if a stray arrow happened to pierce your eyeball just as things got started but that's the way it goes. C'est la guerre.

By giving players modest power-ups for experience over several battles it behoove certain players to abandon the field when the battle tipped in favor of the enemy, just like in real life. Of course, they may be hunted down and slaughtered from behind by dragoons while clambering through the muck and mire for their lives but, again, that's death.

Anyway, sounds like it could be fun. It certainly beats being head-shotted incessantly by teenaged hackers in Call of Duty.


Note: The last gun in this cartoon, the Chef's Special, was created a couple of days after the cartoon first appeared to replace a gun that was just a cheap dick joke. ("The Preemptor", it shoots too quick.) I'm thankful I can make these little corrections after-the-fact as sometimes my mind doesn't work perfectly when racing to meet my arbitrary publishing deadline.



Mitt Romney Is A Big Fat Liar.

mitt romney liesIn a recent speech President Obama said the American private sector is doing fine, which it is.

The Romney campaign immediately put out a commercial making it seem as though Mr. Obama said "the economy is doing fine", which it isn't. No thanks to the Republican led House of Representatives.

Mitt Romney is a liar. A big fat, liar.


Mitt Romney: Flip-flopper deluxe.


And now our Chart of the Day: GOP Senators Voted Repeatedly to Increase the Debt Ceiling, but not For Obama.

debt ceiling votes
Much, larger version of the chart here.


Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creation6-11-2012: On Friday the House voted to cut funding for the Open World Leadership Center, the Congressional Research Service, and the Washington Botanic Garden. But they voted themselves funds to print some snazzy new pocket-sized editions of the U.S. Constitution to hand out to constituents. As always, no jobs were created.

For the full 2001-2012 list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Fox News Lies. Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies! Fox News... judge, jury and executioner.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.

end rant

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