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The progressive editorial cartoon about DALL-E and Trump.

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Rubbed the Wrong Way

I'd be honestly afraid to make the same requests of a genie that I posed in the above comic. If he/it had a mean streak, and/or sense of humor, he/it might skip nimbly past the symptoms and go right for the disease: Man.

I don't think I need to overstress the point that most of the problems which mankind now faces is mankind itself. Oh, we were a pretty benign race of critters, globally speaking, right up until the discovery of vast deposits of fossil fuels but had that handy source of energy been unavailable there probably wouldn't be a tree left standing today in our desire for steam power or a source of warmth or backyard barbecue.

The whales and their precious oils would have been fucked, too. Fucked right to extinction.

Since a large measure of our energy use is devoted to acquisition of status and power let me just say that I think we'd have been better off had we evolved from the bonobos instead of whatever branch of killer chimp was in the genetic mix that fateful day.


Oh, noes!

The Fascist Party is upset that they're being called fascists for doing fascist things.

Poor widdle babies. whatever shall they do?


Republicans are complaining that President Biden is buying votes by passing publicly-favorable legislation right before the mid-terms.

After all, the GOP knows the best way to win elections is to claim your opponent runs a pedophile ring under a pizza parlor.


Prayer doesn't work.

You know what works?


Money will buy you power. It will buy you senators and judges who can then set precedent and pass laws, who will then attribute such laws to God in order to impress the simple-minded.

Get money out of politics.


Lindsay Graham predicts riots in the streets if Trump is indicted over classified docs.

I predict there will be dancing in the streets if Trump is indicted over classified docs.


Final rumination: Do you think Darrin and Samantha Stevens were ever into nipple play?


end rant

News & Notes for August 30, 2022

Trump goes on paranoid, unhinged media spree.

President Joe Biden privately called the GOP "semi-fascists".

Student debt crisis: It started with Reagan.

Trump may have given away classified documents during travels.

Approval of unions at highest point since 1965.

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