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The progressive editorial cartoon about DALL-E and Trump.

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The nutshell summary of the affidavit:

Donald Trump took a large number of classified docs to Mar-a-Lago and he never declassified them. He had even more documents than NARA or FBI knew and he refused to give them up. He even made notes on some of them. The FBI chose to go and get them and found even more classified docs. There may yet be more documents in MAL. Trump may have shared the documents with foreign nationals.

67 documents marked as CONFIDENTIAL
92 documents marked as SECRET
25 documents marked as TOP SECRET

Trump is going to die in jail. The sooner the better.


Trump's strategy can ONLY be "Go ahead! Throw my ass in jail. This will anger my voters and cause such chaos in the next presidential election no one will understand what happened when the GOP switches the electors and puts my friends in the White House, who will then pardon me."


Biden forgave billions in college debt.

Trump gave trillions to billionaires.

Yeah, totally the same thing.


How is it that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is so certain the Magic Cloud Fairy wants women to forego abortion at all costs yet has no beef with the same deity who put him in that wheelchair?

Just, you know, asking.


We don't need religious beliefs.

We need empirical knowledge.


In 1989 Ronnie and Nancy Reagan moved to a new home whose address was 666 St. Cloud Road.


Of course, they immediately changed the house number to 668, but they weren't fooling anyone.


Final Note: Sorry to have missed creating a comic on Wednesday. This has been a most unusual week.


end rant

News & Notes for August 26, 2022

Justice Department makes Mar-a-Lago affidavit public.

President Joe Biden announces student debt relief.

White House shines light on Republican hypocrites criticizing Biden's student debt forgiveness.

Judge who denies teen an abortion over her grades loses chance at reelection.

President Joe Biden: "MAGA is semi-fascism."

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Lefty: Have you heard of DALL-E yet?
Leftette: Uhhh, no.
It's an artificial intelligent system that can create artistic images no matter how bizarre the request.
As a challenge I asked it to create an image of Trump as a decent, honest human.
So what happened?
It barfed on me.

The progressive editorial cartoon about DALL-E.... and Trump.

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