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Cowardly Lyin'

john boehnerHere's why the government has shut down, in a nutshell:

John Boehner needs the support of the TEA Party to retain his position as Speaker of the House so, at their urging, he's agreed to use the defunding of Obamacare as a requirement to pass a continuing resolution. (A continuing resolution is analogous to "Okay, I put the new mansion, the yacht, and the Maserati on the credit card. Now it's the end of the month and I need to start writing checks.")

Unfortunately for the GOP, the President, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and 70% of the American public think that tying the defunding of the Affordable Care Act to the budget is foolish, so Boehner got trapped between TEA Party rhetoric and reality. His only bargaining chip was to shut down the government.

As it turns out, there are enough House Republicans who so resent this desperate tactic that a clean continuing resolution, one without calls for the defunding of the ACA, would pass easily. If that happens, Boehner will lose his position as speaker.

So, right now, the real reason 800,000 Americans aren't getting a paycheck, the reason the Stock Market is dropping like a rock, is because John Boehner is afraid for his position. Not his job, his position.

The sad truth is that as long as the GOP holds the House the Speaker could literally be a cocker spaniel, one that only barks when his master speaks.


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