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The cartoon about the GOP's racism-fired government shutdown.
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Shut Downs Syndrome.

tea party assholeIf the Taxed Enough Already Party had emerged during the reign of George Bush, when he was quickly and rather obviously converting President Clinton's government surpluses into trillions of dollars of debt, debt which continues to pile up even today, they might have some credibility. But they appeared out of nowhere in 2009 with their witch doctor posters and cries of socialism and it was pretty clear what their major impetus was... fear that a black intellectual might succeed as President, thus upsetting their racist apple carts.

So far, he's done just that. Since 2009 he's passed Wall Street and credit card reforms, kicked the banks out of the student loan pipeline, boosted fuel economy standards, passed the Fair Sentencing Act, helped save the American auto industry, and passed a meaningful health care act. Let's also add zero wars and unemployment in the mid-7sies to that list.

Meanwhile, for the past three-plus years, the Republican-led House has done nothing but name post offices and vote almost endlessly, 42 times, in fact, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. And apparently with good reason as the ACA looks like it's going to be a hot ticket. It's already saved seniors billions in drugs costs and resulted in millions of dollars in refunds to policy holders.

The GOP has been itching to shut down the government again ever since they gained the House in 2010, for no other conceivable reason than it would be fun to aggravate that black boy in the White House and put a big, fat, smeary stain on his otherwise exemplary job as Chief Executive.

The Republican Party and it's little pal, the TEA Party, is run by monied psychos using racism, gerrymandering, and a touch of misogyny to acquire JUST enough of the Congress to wreck this country out of spite.

The GOP says it shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act, but they WROTE the Affordable Care Act. That leaves only one obvious conclusion.


The image of the Tea Partier, above, is real. That's Dale Robertson, owner of teaparty.org in 2009. The offending word is written on a separate piece of material and plastered over an earlier choice of words that some suspect might have been "slave".


MSNBC's Krystal Ball offers her keen perspective on this thing called "Obamacare".


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