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Loving the Big Johnson!

eddie bernice johnsonI happen to have a Democratic Representative in my district, the right honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson, so I don't have the pleasure of calling her up and inveighing all manner of unpleasant invective in her clerk's delicate little ears over her boss's inability to act like a civilized human in the matter of paying the nation's bills.

So while the GOP runs amok, blaming everyone but themselves, I'd like to say "Thank you, Ms. Johnson , for being wonderful, reasonable you."


According to Rep. Paul Labrador (R-ID) there are enough House Republicans willing to pass a clean continuing resolution. Apparantly the only thing stopping its introduction and passage is House leadership.

Excellent job as always, Speaker Boehner.


When life is beset by Republican buffoonery you can always count on Bill Maher to come to the rescue with a little whimsical perspective.


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The GOP Shutdown

The government doesn't work so we're shutting that sucker down!
Do you have a plan to solve this problem?
How about a jobs bill to increase the number of tax-payers?
Will you raise revenue by repealing the bush tax cuts?
Will this stunt benefit the GOP in the next election?
So what's the point?
To show that Democrats are lousy at governance.

Overturn Citizens United