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Ah-one, ah-two, ah-three!

It's late, my wrist is shredded, and I'm not feeling particularly ranty. The House Republicans are going to be complete dicks about the debt ceiling no matter what anyone says so how about something that will melt your little hearts? I give you, Father of the Year. (Incidentally, the little girl is afraid of fireworks.)


Like millions of other viewers I'm not really looking forward to the last episode of Breaking Bad, but it's the last episode no matter what we do so we'll take it. It will be interesting to see how justice is to be meted out to the many that deserve it. I'm really hoping the writers allow Walt to go all "Science McGiver" on his foes rather than a simple shooting spree. That'd be fun.

I've said before that America's moral code won't allow Walt to live (though Jesse will survive) but whatever the outcome I'll wager the producers will inject a modest grain of doubt for those who hope Walter survives to cook again.

(And having just watched the episode I nailed it on both counts.)


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