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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican Party intolerance.

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I Don't Have A Secret

A new poll has revealed that the Number One concern of voters at the moment is not inflation or CRT or even Jewish space lasers.

It's threats to democracy.

Yes, voters are worried it. They've read the papers and doom-scrolled online enough to understand that the GOP is not their trickle-down buddy any longer and might not even have their best interests at heart. In fact, the American public seems intent this mid-term in telling the Republican Party to go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.

I'll bring the sprinkles.


New GOP strategy: Stop passing authoritarian legislation far in advance of elections as it seems voters understand the fuckery they're up to given enough time.


Dear Florida Minorities: If you're afraid that Ron DeathSentence will arrest you if you try to vote (and that's why he's now prosecuting 20 innocent people for voting) then vote him out of office. You can do it.


The Harper's Index reports that Democrats are much less likely to date a Trump voter than a Trump voter is to date a Democrat.

The take-away: Democrats know an oblivious dick when they see one.


Quick rumination:

Those opposed to abortion should also be against car repair. In their minds, every conception is perfect and requires no maintenance, just like a car fresh from the factory.


And, on a personal note:

The North Texas weather gods have a sick sense of humor.

First sixty consecutive days of hell-fire and now a monsoon for the next week.

At least it's not freezing.


end rant

News & Notes for August 22, 2022

Psychotic GOP candidate: "The Bible says it's okay to stone gay people to death."

Dr. Anthony Fauci to step down after 50 years of service. Thank you, sir, for all your hard work."

Senator Ron Johnson said he was only involved in a murder, I mean, in the fake electorate scandal for just a few seconds.

$1.6 billion dollars in dark money given to the Republican Party by a single donor, because money is free speech and fuck all you little people.

Democratic fundraising outpaces Republicans for the fourth straight month.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republican Party intolerance.

the final straw  comic