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The progressive editorial cartoon about trump stealing classified documents.

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The Final Straw?

The origin of today's 'toon was the story of Giles Corey, a farmer who lived in Salem, Massachusetts. In a nutshell (Oh, there's SO much more.) he was accused of witchcraft but would not admit to it so the local constabulary followed the then-normal practice of pressing him under heavy weights, rocks in this case, in order to force a confession. Mr. Corey was adamant of his innocence until the end, enduring three days of this excruciating torture. At one point, to spite his tormentors, he demanded "more weight".

Today's Red-Hats are in similar position though they're certainly not defending the truth. They'd rather die, and take this country with them, than admt they've been deceived. The rocks in this case are all in their heads.


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News & Notes for August 19, 2022

Texas does not care about its childen. Mass exodus at Texas child welfare offices.

Alabama GOP posts racist imagery... by "mistake".

Rudy Giuliani: "Trump was just keeping the classified documents, uh, safe. Yeah, safe! That's the ticket!"

Can GOP voters handle the truth?

Republicans on track to lose the Senate. Mitch McCommell peeved.

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the final straw?

The progressive editorial cartoon about trump stealing classified documents.

gop trade secrets  comic popular vote  comic