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The progressive editorial cartoon about the electoral collage and popular vote

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Cheney Reaction

While I appreciate the optics that Liz Cheney brought to the January 6th Committee if she had continued to support Trump, as she'd done for four years, and declined to serve on the panel it would have meant just one more Democrat in her place just as interested in shining a light on the cockroaches who attacked the Capitol in 2021.

Her inclusion in the Committee was certainly welcome but in large part it was to lend a measure of bipartisanship to the process, but no Republican congressman or Republican voter gave a good god damn. Even if the panel had been comprised totally by Republicans the GOP, Trump, and right-wing media would still have cried "Witch hunt!" from Day One.

Liz Cheney is no doubt a sane, sensible person, apart from her ridiculous blood-religion stance against women's choice, which means she knew full well the political toll she would have to pay for protecting this Republic. She knowingly stacked her own deck against herself but I think she still has aces up her sleeve she'll play somewhere down the line... that is, as long as the Democracy holds.

Good luck in future, Liz. Please tell your old man to go to Hell for me.


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News & Notes for August 17, 2022

Trump unable to find top-level attorneys who will defend him.

Liz Cheney ousted by the same political factions she helped empower.

Dr. Oz owns ten houses, and he's lying about them.

Michael Cohen claims Trump would have used top-secret files as political blackmail.

Biden signs a bill that's a BIG FUCKING DEAL!

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The progressive editorial cartoon about the electoral college and the popular vote

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