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The progressive editorial cartoon about President Joe Biden's accomplishments

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Dry Hole

Dear Republicans;

When we run out of water there'll be no Kool-Aid left for your voters to drink.

Think about it.


Democrats just implemented a bill that will improve the health of both this planet and of the American people.

Conservatives are closing ranks around a Russian puppet who stole classified, top secret documents and kept them by his pool.


As Beau of the Fifth Column says "The issue of climate change needs to be on the ballot."

And I agree.


Trump affiliates have been caught illegally accessing voting equipment.

Raise your hand if youre surprised.


end rant

News & Notes for August 15, 2022

Trump threatens to unleash violence on this country by his followers because he's sad he got caught with classified documents.

Trump is, strangley, complaining that the FBI took his passports.

Climate change wasn't always a partisan issue.

Rand "Putin's Other Puppet" Paul suddenly wants to repeal the espionage law.

The legal walls are closing in on Graham and Giuliani.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Long ago, recently, today, tomorrow
Scientist: We might run out of water someday.
GOP elephant: Oil's more important.
Our water supply is in danger.
GOP: Abortion's more important.
The water's almost gone.
GOP: Wall Street is more important.
We've run out of water.
GOP: At least we still have guns to shoot ourselves with, right?

The progressive editorial cartoon about the endangered water supply.

the popular vote  comic biden did this  comic