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The progressive editorial cartoon about trump's theft of classified nuclear documents.

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Has anyone attached a "-gate" addendum to Trump's thievery of classified government documents yet? It is, after all, our nation's customary way of reducing a complex situation into a satisfying sound-bite. And a scandal isn't really a scandal in modern political America without a proper hashtag.

To be honest, this one's rather tricky. "ClassifiedGate" is accurate but insufficiently sexy. "AssholeGate" is tempting but woefully unspecific.

"NukeGate"? "KleptoGate"? "CovfefeGate"? "BlunderGate"? "FatOrangeTreasonousBastardGate"?

Help me out here, peeps. I know you can do it. We need something twitterable.


Trump called President Biden "an enemy of the state", which he isn't, so that President Biden can't call Trump "an enemy of the state", which he is.


Conservatives don't care if pregnant women have to go full-term with fetuses whose brain never developed.

Because the GOP needs all the voters they can get.


I recently watched the series "Severance", which was very entertaining, but it has a huge logical flaw in its basic premise (Which I won't divulge here, but if you've watched the series then you know what I'm talking about.)

Specifically, at the end of a work day a Lumon employee enters the elevator. The doors close and, after a few seconds, they reopen and the employee goes right back to work, albeit somewhat refreshed (hopefully) and wearing clean clothes.

In effect, you are always at work. 24/7.

To this I would say "Shoot me."

Conversely, in the morning an employee enters the elevator and the doors close. A few moments later the doors reopen and it's nine hours later. The makes the Lumon elevators a time machine that only works in nine-hour leaps.

But it's just fiction, right?


A well-designed bike path will almost never wear out.

Can't say the same for roads that cars and trucks drive on.

More bike paths, please.


Final Note: Appy-polly-ogies for the long spell between new 'toons. I really needed a small break. I was beginning to feel like a Lumon employee. (Grin)


end rant

News & Notes for September 7, 2022

Trump's special master demand is shady as fuck.

More Democrats than Republicans say they'll definitely vote in the mid-terms.

Files seized by Trump include foreign nation's nuclear capacity.

Leaked emails reveal Oath Keepers deeply embedded in police, military and elected officials.

Two-thirds of Independent voters say they will not vote for Trump.

If you need a break from the insanity that swirls around us
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The progressive editorial cartoon about trump's theft of classified nuclear documents.

genie climate change comic genie climate change comic