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The progressive editorial cartoon about trump's theft of classified nuclear documents.

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Poster Child

Yeah, I know.

I'm about a month late to be kvetching on this particular subject. I've been noodling around with one idea or another for the past few weeks but most of them centered about the tragedy of the Guv's all-powerful, evil-warding poster and it's total ineffectiveness against another lunatic with car full of guns.

Maybe I just didn't WANT to illustrate a classroom strewn with little bodies.


I hope at the very least this cartoon will give some Texas teachers some ideas.


As for the Queen's passing, her heir, his Charlesness, has always been known as Prince Charles. He was by custom allowed to name himself, as King, whatever he wished and he chose... King Charles III?


He could have so EASILY have gone down in history as "King Prince".


end rant

News & Notes for September 9, 2022

Trump lawsuit against Hillary Clinton laughed out of court.

Steve Bannon charged with money-laundering.

Trump may be hiding even more classified documents.

Young Texans registering to vote in unusually large numbers.

Oh, and Queen Elizabeth II died.

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