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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's January 7th outtakes

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End of Season One

If you didn't see, hear, or read the testimony from Representative Jamie Raskin, a Constitutional scholar, about why using arms to overthrow the government is un-Constitutional, in five seperate ways, then you should.


At this point we're having to hope that "the good guy with gun" is the gunman himself (if you know what I mean) because the police damn sure aren't going to help.


I didn't conceive of this idea but, short of a miracle that could only result from help from a technologically-superior race of beings from another galaxy, this may be the coldest Summer humans will ever experience again.


It's really nice of the J6th Committee to have gift-wrapped Trump like this for the DOJ.


More nonsense as I think of it. Have a great weekend everyone. Stay cool!


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News & Notes for July 22, 2022

Pence's Secret Service agents feared for their lives.

Video shows Josh "Traitor" Hawley fleeing his January 7th mob.

Fox News continues to ignore the Janaury 6th hearings.

Steve Bannon judged guilty in Contempt of Congress trial.

Criminal probe opened into deletion of Secret Service massages on Janaury 6th.

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I appear before you today to delcare martial law.
(Cries.) But I wuh-hu-hunnnn the election!
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Shows ass. And I promise I will never try this again. Wink-wink.
Listen, you rat-fuckers…
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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's January 7th outtakes.

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