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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republicans using religion to plunder the Treasury.

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The Broken Cross

Just at the moment when most Americans are turning away from organized religion End-Timers with billions in oil money are determined to turn this country into a theocracy.

Oil was the root cause of millions of deaths over the past 100 years. We need to get off the oil wheel.


Rep. Jamie Raskin said that when the insurrectionists entered the Capitol Democrats began moving to the Republican side of the House "Where they'd be safer".
Safer, because they knew it was Republicans who were responsible for the mob and were supposedly immune to the attack.


If life starts at conception why do so many pregnancies end in miscarriage?


The plan was really very, very simple. Create chaos. Have the Secret Service whisk Pence away. Have Grassley declare there is a question of legitimacy, and send the electors back to their States. Trump declares the election illegitimate and seizes power.
Burn! Them! All!


Yes, Liz Cheney is doing a good job, but so are all of the J6 Committee members. Liz is front and center for the optics which makes the Committee unarguably bipartisan. But she is no doubt angling for the White House when the GOP finally shakes off this fit of Trumpism. She's Conservative through and through, being completely anti-choice. Don't get stars in your eyes.


The police: Men with guns who can shoot whomever they want but are not obligated to protect people who someone is trying to shoot.


Cruz fled his state, leaving everyone else to freeze.

Hawley fled the rioters he helped incite.

Trump fled to the bunker when BLM showed up.

Such delicate, little, petard-hoisted snowflakes.


"West Virginia Senator Joe Biden Manchin announced today he's tested positive for the corona virus. Wow! He finally found something he couldn't block." - Seth Myers


Technical Note: Today's 'toon is not the first and last version of this illustration of cynical greed. Here is the original (raw and unedited) that I drew about two months ago but didn't use but kept around because the idea intrigued me.


end rant

News & Notes for July 26, 2022

Two Texas oil billionaires buying legislators in order to install theocracy.

Ukraine labels Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul, to no one's surprise, as Russian propagandists.

Steve Bannon broadcasts the Conservative plan to destroy our government.

"Matt Gaetz will be in prison by 2024."

Secret Service agents get lawyers, refuse to testify.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Republicans using religion to plunder the Treasury.

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