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Fertile Ground

I've heard all manner of "reasons" why Conservatives are dead-set against abortion, but then I remember the unfortunate statistics regarding infant mortality among Black women and I go, "Oh, yeah, right. Racism."

For the GOP, that's win-win.


The way I see it we have two choices in this country:

A: Allow women to continue having access to abortion on demand, affording them the opportunity to decide what's best for themselves.


B: Concoct a confusing and contradictory web of thousands of state laws limiting the freedom of all fertile pregnancy-capable humans in this country.

I know which option I prefer.


I think Trump must have hired his Secret Service agents from the same company that provided Jeffrey Epstein's prison guards.


The same kind of human that's attacking Ukraine is also attacking U.S. democracy.

And, in one particular instance, it's the same person.


Yes, Joe "Receives more donations from the fossil fuel industry than any other congressman" Manchin is blockading climate change law, but Manchin is not the whole problem here.

It's every Republican Congressman.

Vote! Them! Out!


end rant

News & Notes for July 20, 2022

Trump caught attempting to tamper with election officials.

North Carolina GOP proposing to execute women who get abortions.

Support for the Supreme Court has dropped from 66% to 38% in just one year.

Doctor who performed abortion on ten-year-old girl moves to sue AG for defamation.

CEOs are the cause of inflation.

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GOP elephants: Don't think of outlawing abortion as denying women a fundamental right of personal freedom.
Think of it as "Your daughter can be a teenage grandmother!"

The progressive editorial cartoon about Roe vs. Wade.

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