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The progressive editorial cartoon about gun control and Uvalde, Texas.

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Politics As Unusual

I can understand when two humans try to kill one another because, well, I'm a human and, frankly, I know from first-hand experience that we are, at best, modestly evolved killer chimps… with guns.

As American chimps we're stuck with the Second Amendment, an amendment to a 250-year-old document about basic killer chimp rights that was designed to allow one race of killer chimps to keep another race of killer chimps in bondage. An amendment that should have become moot once this country fought a bloody war that resulted in the end of such subjection.

(Okay, enough of the killer chimp metaphor. Still valid, though.)

It's completely normal, as I was saying, for one man to kill another. Happens all the time. A disagreement manifests itself between two irrational Americans. One American pulls out a gun and, boom, end of argument. One American, one gun, one death.

What's completely abnormal is for an American to buy a weapon capable of hundreds, or thousands, of rounds per minute who thereupon travels to a different location to kill innocent Americans he's never met for reasons that are never entirely clear.

We could end such scenarios now and forever by immediately banning such weapons.

So let's do that. Let's try banning assault weapons, anything capable of automatic or semi-automatic fire. In their stead, anyone determined to kill someone else, or themselves, can buy a plain old revolver for mobile mayhem, a shotgun for personal defense, or a long rifle for hunting the way Artemis, the god of the hunt, intended.

No semi-automatic pistols. Revolvers only, just like in the wild West.

The other thing about revolvers is if one is in your face you can tell if the gun is fully loaded. Not the first thing one would consider if on the wrong end of a stick-up but it's a consideration.

To be clear, Americans who want guns can have guns, because the Supreme Court says they can have guns, so let's do our best to make sure it's just not the nuclear weapon of guns.

The scenario of a madman entering a school armed with a revolver, intent on destruction, would play out far differently than one armed with, for example, an AR-15. The children could actually scurry from danger rather than cower and hope for the best because, unless the killer is an excellent marksman, he's unlikely to pick off more than a kid or two in full flight before the school police, not having to worry in this instance about a fusillade of shells chopping them into guacamole, will put the animal down while he's dropping shells all over the cafeteria floors in his haste to reload. And being as the bullets from the pistol are of a slower velocity and explosive capability those wounded may actually survive.

It's still not a pretty picture but an improvement over what we have now.

The best of all possible Americas is a gun-free America, which is not going to happen as long as the gun industry and its entitled user-base continues to feed off one another. I'm just offering a compromise, at least until a virus hits this world that makes everyone's trigger fingers fall off.


end rant

News & Notes for June 8, 2022

To the delight of white supremacists and assorted nut-jobs everywhere, Fox News will not air the January 6th hearings.

Senate GOP Leader claims we need AR-15s "to shoot prairie dogs".

Democrats introduce the "Free the Pill" bill.

Trump's Proud Boys accused of sedition.

Trump and two of his kids to be deposed by NY attorney general next month.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about  guns, the NRA, and Uvalde, Texas.

january 6th comic guns and abortion comic